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Don’t make promises you can’t keep!

This is our motto and here at RDP we will never mislead you into thinking you are completely covered and then wriggle out of any warranty commitment with some flashy graphs showing that on a specific day the batteries were left to run flat and as such you have broken our Ts & Cs. We do have Terms & Conditions but these are very simple;

You will not be covered for;

  1. Loss of data and/or data corruption
  2. Software issues

If your problem is not caused by any of the above and subject to a live warranty being in place, Neil in the North or Pete in the South will visit your site and effect a FIX onsite. As both engineers carry all parts on them, we never need to remove a cart from the hospital meaning that clinical staff do not have to find a replacement and IT are left alone.

SENSA-LiFe™ Mobile Carts

5 year no quibble warranty

SENSA-LiFe Warranty 5

Non-powered Mobile Carts

10 year no quibble warranty


Computer Wall Mounts & Arms

10 year no quibble warranty

Wall Mounts Warranty 10

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