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What is SENSA-LiFe™?

SENSA-LiFe™ Technology is a double layered battery management control system that is proprietary to RDP Mobile Carts.
  • Faster charging time

  • Individual battery cells are kept optimally charged

  • Extended warranty as standard (no additional cost)

  • Over 10,000 lithium battery cells installed with SENSA-LiFe™

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SENSA-LiFe AIO Mobile Cart
SENSA-LiFe Technology

Reliable Lithium Battery Technology

RDP has been supplying lithium powered carts since 2013 and to date we have installed over 10,000 lithium battery cells into our carts, either as new build or as upgrades to carts that had previously been supplied with Lead Acid cells. In each one of these cases, the carts have benefitted from our SENSA-LiFe™ charging technology which adds an additional layer of protection to the Battery Management System already embedded in the battery cells.

Fast, Safe & Efficient Charging

At every stage of the charging process we monitor the condition of the battery and precisely tailor the charging process to that battery cell, ensuring that we always achieve the safest charging regime in the quickest possible time. In addition to this, our charging algorithm ensures that the individual battery cells remain optimally configured in relation to the upper and lower capacity limits set by our battery manufacturer.

Extended Warranty – as Standard

Do we expect our customers to get excited about this? Of course not. We are, however.
Having closely monitored our battery failure rate of the 10,000+ batteries supplied since early 2013 we are extremely confident in the warranties that we are now able to offer with our mobile carts and are regularly increasing our standard warranty at no extra charge to our customers.

As we receive more data from the field, we reassess the standard warranty on a quarterly basis and pass the benefits on to our customers. In fact, we are so confident in our SENSA-LiFe™ Technology to protect the batteries in our carts that we have a no quibble replacement policy.

Please contact our Sales Team for the latest warranty situation and see how many years of trouble-free use you can currently expect from our range of SENSA-LiFe™ powered carts.
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How can SENSA-LiFe help your team?

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