SENSA-LiFe™ Dispensing Cart

SENSA-LiFe™ Dispensing Cart

The SENSA-LiFe™ Dispensing Cart has been designed to fit in tight spaces yet still providing enough storage for a single ward. Thanks to a range of mounts, accessories, easy to clean surfaces and the option of choosing a powered or non-powered version, this cart offers total versatility.

This solution complements wards with EPR or EPMA facilities or allows a ward the tools to become compliant with these services should this become an option in the future.

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  • SENSA-LiFe™ Technology

    RDP’s unique sensing power system ensures maximum efficiency of the LiFePO4 batteries

  • Secure Electronic Entry

    Digicode or RFID with key override for additional security

  • Slim Storage Trays

    Specifically designed for use where space is a limiting factor

  • Fast recharge times

    0-70% in 1 hour, 70-100% in 2 hours

  • Printer and Scanner Support

    A range of brackets available supporting the most popular of printers and scanners used

  • No Quibble Warranty

    5 years on-site warranty including batteries as standard

Expandable with a growing range of accessories

Portable Printer Holder

Portable Printer Holder

Scanner Holder

Scanner Holder

Sharps Bin Holder

Sharps Bin Holder

Gel Holder

Gel Bottle Holder

Flip-Up Table

Flip-up Table