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Laptop EPR Cart

Affordable, lightweight, height adjustable, easy to clean and with a secure way of mounting a variety of laptops.

For nurses and clinicians, accessing clinical documentation is of paramount importance. The EPR Laptop Cart is lightweight, easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.

Effortless height adjustment from 80cm to 120cm offers a greater height span for guaranteed comfort, whether sitting or standing.

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  • Height Adjustable

    Allows users to comfortably sit or stand whilst maintaining a healthy posture

  • Secure Laptop Mount

    Secure steel retainers prevent the laptop from being easily removed

  • Printer and Scanner Support

    A range of brackets available supporting the most popular of printers and scanners used

  • Easy to Clean

    A smooth wipe clean finish to each surface designed with infection control firmly in mind

  • Keyboard Cover

    Optional keyboard cover allows users to use sterile keyboards instead, preventing any unwanted germs

  • No Quibble Warranty

    10 years on-site warranty cover in the UK as standard

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