24/7 EPMA Workstation

24/7 EPMA Workstation

For nurses and clinicians, accessing clinical documentation is of paramount importance.

The 24/7 EPMA Cart with hot swap battery technology has been designed to allow users to combine access to IT applications with a flexible storage solution whilst maintaining the benefits of being height adjustable, lightweight and with a wide range of hardware mounting options which ensure that access to printing and scanning is as unobtrusive as possible.

With a flexible range of storage configurations, the 24/7 EPMA cart provides the user with a complete mobile workstation suitable for EPMA applications with hot swap battery technology.

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  • 24/7 Power

    Never let a cart run flat again with 24/7 hot swap power

  • Storage Trays

    3 x A4 tilt-and-slide storage trays

  • Secure Electronic Entry

    Digicode or RFID with key override for additional security

  • Height Adjustable

    Allows users to comfortably sit or stand whilst maintaining a healthy posture

  •  Easy to Clean

    A smooth wipe-clean finish to each surface designed with infection control firmly in mind.

  • No Quibble Warranty

    10 years on-site warranty cover in the UK as standard.

Expandable with a growing range of accessories

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