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All in One Medical Computers

Powerful Medical Cart Computers

The Cybernet medical cart computers are designed with Intel’s® powerful Skylake 6th Generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 CPU and solid state technology, giving power users the performance needed to run demanding medical applications.

Combined with the DDR4 RAM, which increases speed, reduces the amount of heat generated and doubles the power savings, these medical computers are ideal as a medical cart computer.

Power your Peripherals Directly from the Medical Computer

These medical cart computers are each designed to be a standalone, mobile all-in-one computer that can power itself AND directly power peripherals such as barcode printers, scanners, card readers and more. Both models offer up to 60 watts of total power through a convenient DC power output jack.

The CyberMed NB22 or CyberMed NB24 can provide a single 9V/12V/20V/24V DC power output with a maximum of 60 watts at a given time.

These are the only medical computers currently available on the market that offer the unique feature of powering peripherals directly from the computer.

  • Sealed & Waterproof

  • Three hot-swap batteries as standard

  • Antimicrobial Housing

  • EN60601 Certified

  • Integrated RFID, Biometric & CAC Readers

Medical Computing

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