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The importance of being ‘Manufactured in the UK’

Here at RDP we believe in the value of supporting the local economy and manufacturing a UK company’s products within the UK. For this reason we source as many parts and components locally, or from within the UK as possible and go on to manufacture our carts, trolleys and mobile work stations by hand in our purpose built factory in Sussex.

By sourcing products from within the UK we are supporting independent and local companies but this relationship also offers enormous benefits to our customers. Visits are made to all of our suppliers which has allowed us to get to know them personally. We can also ensure that delivery times for parts are very reasonable as opposed to parts purchased from China, which greatly assists in achieving our deadlines. Our wide customer base ranges from the NHS to veterinary practices, dental surgeries, courier companies, pharmaceuticals and even the film industry. With this comes many unique requirements and for this reason a relationship with like-minded UK companies is vital.

The RDP Manufacturing Process

At RDP we design all of our own equipment and this is where our manufacturing journey begins. Once a design is ready it will be authorised to move into the prototype stage. This stage is vitally important when manufacturing new products to ensure the design is suitable, functional, safe and sturdy, while encompassing everything we are aiming to provide our customers with.

The parts are ordered from our reliable network of UK suppliers by our designers and once onsite these same designers hand-assemble them. The prototype model is then tested and trialled with working components and in various situations by different team members to fully test the manoeuvrability and functionality of the product. Feedback is shared with the designers and Managing Director so any adjustments can be considered and made. Once a prototype is signed off, parts can then be ordered for a final model to be built and tested to ensure it is ready for release.

When a product is commissioned for launch at RDP, we ensure all factory-based engineers are fully up to speed on the new design, new components and ways in which to assemble the new product safely, carefully and methodically. Most of our equipment is also available in a variety of configurations so many of the anticipated popular designs are also covered to ensure there is no lack of knowledge which could otherwise hinder the production of a new product. This process also includes how best to pack and wrap our products so they are well taken care of during transport.

All of the powered and non-powered units we manufacture are made to order. This process can take anything from a couple of days to 4 weeks depending on the quantity and configuration type. The timescale of an order is something we always ensure is clearly communicated to our customers and we will do everything in our power to ensure this is met.

Our method of production is a tried and tested method which is thorough, practical and ensures our products are monitored by humans throughout the entire production process. We feel this is of far greater benefit than a robotically assembled production line where flaws could very easily be missed. With this in mind all powered products are tested for 24 hours to ensure they accept a charge and discharge over a suitable period of time and then charged up once more. A final quality control check is then thoroughly carried out against all powered and non-powered carts before leaving our factory.

From this point onwards RDP will support your product throughout its warranty period and beyond, with our team of helpful staff at the end of the phone (located in the same building as our factory) and onsite RDP engineers at your service.