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General Manufacturing Mobile Workstations

The mobile workstation within a manufacturing environment can operate full screen applications with ERP, MES or WMS applications. This allows printing and data capture through scanning or RFID while on the move using standard IT equipment.  


  • A cost effective flexible alternative to fixed workstations
  • Connects staff to critical information while on the move
  • Removes the need for costly cable drops for power and ethernet to fixed workstations
  • Easily deployed and integrated into existing infrastructure
  • Increases productivity as workstations move with the staff as they perform their operational tasks
  • Improves processes by reducing the need for staff to repeatedly return to fixed terminals to update information
  • Sweating the asset – eliminates under-utilised duplicated fixed workstations
  • If the lines change the mobile work station is always reusable as flexible furniture
  • No trip hazards from cables
  • Time saved as workers no longer need to walk to and from fixed terminals
  • Easily deployed and integrated into a manufacturing infrastructure giving flexibility


  • Multi-screen capabilities and twin screening applications
  • Mobile computing with full screen ERP, printing, data capture via scanning or RFID on the move
  • Wireless connectivity with real time data capture to back end systems such as MES and ERP anywhere within the facility
  • MES, ERP, EBR and SOP while on the move
  • EBR and SOP on twin screens over WIFI on the mobile workstation
  • ERP, SAP and ORACLE operations on a large screen
  • MES, CAMSTAR and WERUM operations on a large screen
  • Real time data capture providing accurate information to staff throughout the facility
  • Limitless configuration options due to the modular design
  • Hassle-free set-up
  • Ergonomic design


  • Input data at the point of task using manual or automated data capture
  • Scan along the manufacturing line without any restrictions using our mobile workstation
  • Print barcode labels anywhere in the facility as you go about your operational tasks
  • Perform operational training away from the live manufacturing environment
  • Print labels at the point of application from the ERP reducing mislabeling errors
  • Asset Management
  • Traceability

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