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Customer driven, from the beginning

RDP Group is a UK company founded from humble origins in the year 2000, with the aim of becoming a truly customer focused and reliable manufacturer of high quality healthcare products.

Our philosophy has always been entirely customer driven, starting with our products which directly stemmed from the needs of the nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals we have encountered. We wanted to offer those individuals the tools they needed to make their working lives as efficient and pleasant as possible, whilst offering aftersales care and support packages to complement our robust and user-friendly products.

Since the millennium we have grown the business organically by designing and manufacturing the products that our customers tell us they need, all from under one roof. In fact, most of the products in our range started life as a customer request in the hope we could find a solution to a specific problem.

Our initial concept was so well received that our production has increased many times over, meaning our workforce has increased from 2 to more than 20 team members and our recent relocation has seen us move into premises 16,000ft2 bigger than before.

The way in which we work allows us to build incredibly strong working relationships with both customers and suppliers, creating a network of trust and understanding. We believe this is an imperative asset offering you complete piece of mind and resulting in long-term reassurance.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and thank our customers for their support which has made us the largest manufacturer of mobile carts in the UK.

Despite the growth of the company, our attitude towards our customers remains the same. We listen to what our customers need and if we think we can come up with a cost effective solution for you then we see no harm in giving it a go. With perseverance we will come up with just the right combination of features which are easily adaptable to suit a variety of tasks.

Let us work for you

We maintain that the RDP brand will always put the well-being of our customers first, which is why we have dedicated RDP Account Managers who will meet with you and discuss at great lengths what it is that you need from us. From this we can design the bespoke products you need to fit your specific requirements.

Consultations are held as often as required and your feedback fully influences the design. Our design engineers will offer advice and help where they feel it may be required, so you know the product is being built to last as well as being built for the specific role it is due to play.

One thing we are extremely proud of is our reputation for build quality. RDP was originally called “Rugged Display Products” and our humble beginnings started with the manufacture of cast aluminium displays that ended up in a variety of harsh locations such as military bases, warships and even on Air Force One! It was then we realised that the key to building a tough long-life product was in the design and quality of components – a proven method that to date has remained unchanged.

Everything we manufacture is built by hand by our dedicated installation team in our purpose-built factory in Burgess Hill. Materials are sourced from local suppliers. All products are built to order and can be delivered where and when you want them. If the order is particularly large or you are tight for space, we can stagger deliveries to ease the stress and allow you to roll out a batch at a time. Our on-site engineers are also here for you, should you need them to help with any installation problems.

From then on we are merely a phone call or email away and often resolve any queries you might have over the phone. Should an engineer be required for any reason, you can expect a visit from a friendly RDP engineer within 5 working days during your warranty term.

Once the end of your warranty draws near, we will let you know in advance, giving you time to decide how to move forwards. We have a number of options in order to help you keep your carts and trolleys in full working order such as warranty renewals, annual servicing and replacement spare parts which can still be fitted by an on-site engineer as and when they might be required.

Our in-house product design team

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