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RDP Group (UK) Ltd is a design and manufacturing company, specialising in innovative, niche market solutions for the healthcare sector and manufacturing industry. For over a decade, as RDP Health Ltd, we have been designing wall mounted computers and mobile cart solutions for the NHS and now have over 10,000 mobile cart products still in active use in over 300 UK hospital sites.

In more recent years, we have adapted our technology to be the perfect solution for providing mobile scanning, printing, and general mobile computer access in a wide range of manufacturing facilities. Whether pharmaceutical, heavy industry or clean room, we have been able to design customer specific solutions and now supply some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies.

Medical Carts and Wall Mounts for healthcare professionals.

Facilitating computer access in clinical areas where robustness, security and infection control are key considerations. Working with more than 290 UK Hospitals.

Mobile & Wall Mounted Data Capture Solutions.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of Mobile Computing and Wall Mounted solutions to all Industry Sectors.

In order to reflect this new, wider, customer base, the company was restructured in early 2014 so that RDP Health and RDP Solutions became subsidiaries of RDP Group (UK) Ltd.

All of our products are designed by our own engineers and are then manufactured on site in West Sussex. Over the last 3 years, the company has maintained a growth rate of over 25% per annum.

Please visit one of our industry specific websites to explore the solutions we currently offer.

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